Enamelled lava contertop

Whether it’s a hotel reception desk or an XXL restaurant bar, an enamelled lava countertop has a clear calling: to be a centrepiece. Enamelled lava not only has the advantage of allowing the creation of sculptural items, but it also offers total freedom of form and finish: bar top, full surfacing, curved design, special surface effects, etc. Architects and designers all over the world have joyfully embraced it, with its unlimited possibilities for lines stretching into infinity, or more massive constructions.

Enamelled lava countertop

Unlimited countertop shapes

Total freedom of expression for your enamelled lava countertop, with a material that’s suited to every creation, from a simple straight bar top to a complex, sinuously curved counter, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor fixture. When it comes to functionality, enamelled lava can be used in any kind of project, up to “full option” counters fitted with heated cabinets, hotplates or even refrigeration units for restaurants, open kitchens or special retail spaces.

How long will it take us to create your enamelled countertop?

Clearly, such rare craftsmanship demands more patience than industrial production: and yours will be repaid in a few months (2 to 4 months to manufacture, on average).

Good to know: Pyrolave keeps full control of the production chain from A to Z, from manual excavation of the lava in the quarry through to the transport taking the piece to the project location according to delivery area.

Share your plans with us. Here’s how:

Our team will support you through the process of imagining your project, bearing in mind any constraints on your countertop’s size, assembly, installation and immediate environment. Share your sketch with us so we can send you our initial estimate. For largescale projects, a prototype can be produced to help you make choices, and to make it easier to coordinate the different trades, if necessary.



Tiles of all shapes and sizes, or uniform surfacing… a counter can take any possible kind of surface to showcase the crazing effect that’s so characteristic of Pyrolave. Some designers incorporate mouldings or picture rails into their designs, to suit the style they want for their design and the project as a whole.

Edge finishes:

When it comes to countertops, edges are more than a mere detail. Square edge, quarter round, half round, bird’s beak, inverted chamfer etc. Even entirely new edge styles designed by you yourself can be produced.

Technical characteristics:

Thicknesses: 30 – 100 mm


Enamelled lava stands apart for its ability to withstand impacts and heat, and its ease of cleaning.

Available colours:

Do you want your enamelled lava countertop to set the tone? Simply choose from our existing collections, which contain more than 6000 different colour references. We’ve put together a core collection, to help you choose from all these shades; it’s a selection of classic or designer shades that our master enamellers want to showcase.

Your custom colour:

Any colour reference can be achieved in enamelled lava, starting from an item supplied by you (fabric, paint etc.).  Drawing on our craftsmen’s skills, Pyrolave makes it easy for your to match your counter to the colours in your hotel, bar or restaurant. Our experts are real magicians when it comes to colours; they’ll find the perfect mix of coloured enamels to create your custom colour.

At Pyrolave, we can enhance those colours with a variety of effects, skilfully deployed by our craftsmen: contrasting materials, shading effects (think tie-die) and more.

Your countertop’s enamel:

We ourselves carve out the lava from the heart of the Volvic quarries, just as we ourselves do our own enamelling. The process, with its incredible technical intricacies and craftsmanship, bears a highly individual signature: the famous crazing, the delicate variations of hue round the edges, the unpredictable “irregularities”… all proof of your piece’s authenticity.