From the bowels of
the Earth

Our age-old expertise once started and now continues here.


Cutting the stone

For each creation, the right block is extracted, chiefly by hand. This precious treasure deserves such attention !



Every piece is a jewel

Lava yields to no-one, but we’ve learnt to master it. In the Castelsarrasin workshop (South West of France), our craftsmen work closely with the material. Our numerically controlled machinery ensures precision, and we always finish our products by hand.

This exceptional shared expertise is behind worktops, washbasins, tables, tiles and more.

Lava in your hands

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The master enameller’s touch

No limits when it comes to colour.

You simply have to see these master craftsmen at work. A fluid movement, in a single stroke, something you can only learn from many years’ experience.

With thousands of recipes and secrets, we can create the exact colour that’s required. Finding the right shade – whether from a piece of cloth, an object, a Pantone reference, or something else – sometimes needs perseverance, but always requires intuition.

And it always reveals itself in the end.

Revelation Coming out the oven

If you come to see us early in the morning, you’ll hear what sounds like bells. Don’t be fooled! It’s the unique tinkling sound you get when the ovens are opened and the enamelled lava meets the cool air. The grand finale The piece of lava is ready !