Swimming pool

Symbolic. Iconic. The star turn. An enamelled lava swimming pool cannot help being the star of the show. For a project unlike any other, an incredible dive into its unique reflections… There are just a few of these across the whole planet, and each one is a design gem, the crowning glory of an art form: the art of imagining unique places. For you as a designer or architect, anything’s possible: tiled wall coverings, corner units, concave or convex elements, edgings, paving, non-slip unpolished lava features, staircases, poolsides and so on.

Swimming pool

Unlimited possibilities, from swimming pool to fountain

The iconic destiny of enamelled tiles finds its full expression around water. There are some incredible swimming pools to be found around the world: created from Pyrolave, and now real symbols of design. Alongside them are lap pools, spas and fabulous fountains. It’s incredible how lava, forged by the power of fire, goes so harmoniously with water, whose reflections bring the dazzling enamels to life as never before. Found in the most prestigious projects, both for private villas and hotels, for boutiques or luxury apartments, the inimitable style of enamelled lava easily blends with different types of design, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

What shapes and sizes of facing or items are possible?

As is its custom, enamelled lava adapts to every customisation and cutting requirement. Pieces can be vertical or square, of any size, and are suitable for designing steps, pool edges, and for other water and spa features such as jacuzzis. This exceptional craftsmanship is the perfect fit for the most ambitious projects, able to match up to the imaginations of the most creative architects and designers of their generation.

Your custom colour:

When it comes to colour, few materials allow as much of a free hand as enamelled lava. You can set your heart on any colour in the world, and our team of craftsmen – true masters of colour – will create the perfect mix of pigments to achieve exactly the colour you want. Anything can be used as a starting point for customising your colours; simply provide a reference number (Pantone, RAL etc.), or even send us an object in the colour you want. Maybe your plan is to reproduce the colour of something in your swimming pool’s surroundings – such as the vegetation around it – in enamelled lava? Set us a challenge!

Enamelling for your swimming pool:

Just like the cutting and assembly of the lava blocks, the enamelling process is handled by us in our workshop in the South of France. It goes through more than twelve stages, requiring years of practice on the part of our craftsmen and women to achieve the perfect mastery you’ll find in your creation. Chance too leaves its lasting mark on your piece, through an infinity of unpredictable details: little crazing patterns, shading around the edge, tiny irregularities and so on.

How long will it take us to create your enamelled lava swimming pool or spa?

Production times for such tailored craftsmanship are a little longer than you’ll find in the industrial world; but your patience will be rewarded after a few months (2 to 4 months’ production on average).

Share your plans with us. Here’s how:

The whole Pyrolave team is available to support you through your project, from the very start of the design process through to final delivery, wherever in the world that may be. A first estimate can be put together based on your plans, and we can help you adapt them to the possibilities opened up by enamelled lava.