Lava "au naturel"

Without enamel

Would you like to include some of the mythical raw stone in your project? Get to grips with the unique grain and grey tints of lava in its natural state.

The “warm” shades of grey found in lava from the Volvic area of central France make it quite unlike other lavas and basalts from other countries, accentuating this material’s unique personality.

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Outside or inside

You can count on its feisty character and extreme resistance to all conditions, making it ideal for all its uses: cladding, flooring, furniture and more.

Precious since the dawn of time

It’s the story of rock that is so strong and so attractive that Humankind soon adopted it for every kind of building and monument. Since Norman times, this beautiful grey stone has been rising skywards in cathedrals, collecting spring water, or being worked into sculptures.

Lava stone is so strong that many buildings from the 12th and 13th centuries are still totally unscathed today. Here’s one such example: Clermont Ferrand Cathedral, totally unchanged from the time it was created:

Choose from a range of finishes
From assertive grain to near-mirror finish


Sculpted lava

Natural lava is even gaining ground in the pure art world. Once it leaves the studios of sculptors such as Thierry Courtadon, for example, its mineral nature shows a poetic side too…

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