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A choice like no other. With its strong signature and craftsmanship at its core, an enamelled lava kitchen gets itself noticed. For the designer, it’s also the symbol of unlimited possibilities, because anything can be imagined. Work surfaces, breakfast bars, sinks, drainers, integral enamelled lava sinks, dressers, splashbacks, special edge finishes etc. It goes without saying: when performance matters, its ultimate strength puts it ahead of the rest of the field. Including ceramics.


Your made-to-measure work surface

An enamelled lava kitchen means infinite possibilities for your architect or designer. There are, of course, the colours – Pyrolave’s signature – but also total freedom of form.

Imagine an extraordinary island unit providing a focal point and central workstation in the centre of the kitchen, an enamelled lava work surface, upstands and midway panels through to full-height splashbacks, a sink in the same material, and more. When it comes to kitchen design, the most beautiful opportunities open up before you.

For hotels or restaurants, every facility can be incorporated, from integrated heating cabinets to refrigerated units or even hotplates.

How long will it take us to create your enamelled work surface?

You need to allow between 2 and 4 months’ production time on average for our crafting process. Yes, it requires a little patience, but it will be handsomely rewarded.

Share your plans with us. Here’s how:

Our team can support you through the process of imagining your item, before it’s taken shape, bearing in mind any constraints on your countertop’s size, assembly, installation and immediate environment. Share your plans with us so we can send you our initial estimate. For largescale projects, a prototype can be produced to help you make choices, and to make it easier to coordinate the different trades, if necessary.



An enamelled lava work surface can fit into a curve or along a straight line, be minimalist or take on a more expressive style with legs, mouldings, rails or mitre cuts etc. The true nobility of our craftsmanship will shine through in the most classical or traditional of styles, just as much as in the ultra-contemporary or avant-garde.

Edge finishes:

When it comes to the edging of your enamelled lava work surface, you have a totally free hand. Square edge, bird’s beak, inverted chamfer, quarter round, half round etc. Our team also provides regular support to designers as they create completely new edges, custom-made for the project.


Enamelled lava’s extreme strength is no longer a secret in the world of interior design and architecture. In the kitchen, for example, the material’s resistance to chemicals, acid and vinegar makes it a real asset. It’s also particularly tolerant of heat, stains, and is non-porous.

It’s particularly easy to keep clean, which is a real plus for projects in the catering world.

Technical characteristics:

Thickness30, 60 mm

Lengthup to 2400 mm

Width up to 1300 mm

Available colours:

With more than 6000 references already in existence, and a preselected core collection to make choosing easier, the colours available are extremely varied. Dip into colour charts with subdued, punchy, pastel and even neon tones to match the colour to the style of your project.

Your custom colour:

In a kitchen, it’s the work surface that sets the tone. Pyrolave is a popular choice among designers and architects for this use, and that’s not just because of its strength; in fact, the enamelling that we do in our workshops enables them to obtain a custom colour with an extreme degree of precision. You provide us with the reference of your choice, in whatever form you like (cloth, paint etc.), and we’ll carry out the necessary research to find the exact recipe allowing us to replicate it in the enamel. This gives the demonstration of unity and strength a project needs when the interior design of a hotel, restaurant or even a bar is involved.

Enamelling your work surface:

With our enamelling, unique crazing (surface patterns) is created on your work surface. This is one of the many unpredictable signatures of our handcrafted items.