Volvic lava

It’s more than stone.
It’s a legend!

Discover the queen of stone

Imagine. A stone, born from the original magma thousands of years ago. A primitive, raw stone, volcanic by nature. That’s Volvic lava.

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Born from a volcano

The crater appears

It was exactly 11,000 years ago, at a time when volcanoes were erupting in France. One day, the Nugère crater rose up, pouring out its lava into the kingdom of Volvic.

A French ancestral stone

Petrified by the wind, the lava turned to stone. A prehistoric stone, around before the first humans. In Volvic, the land of the volcanoes, they call it the “eternal stone”.


The icon of strength

Some materials like this are revered by builders and architects. Throughout history, lava stone has been known for its strength and warm grey colour. The majority of ancient buildings made from lava stone are still standing…

Always there

for original creations

The queen of colour

At Pyrolave, we enamel our lava stone.

This is where brute strength meets extraordinary craftsmanship, and only people with mind-boggling patience and expertise are up to the task. Once enamelled, it assumes beautiful shades and hues, to suit any whim.

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Anything’s possible

Lava is also the queen of the custom-made, with practically no limits.

It can be worked as a single piece, like our famous one-piece integrated washbasins, as tiles for a ceramic-style facade, or in complex compositions ranging from countertops to swimming pools.

Every possible use

Individual projects


Managed by Pyrolave from start to finish

Straight from our quarries

Volvic lava is a rare product, one that we’re fortunate to be able to extract responsibly from our own quarries. A titanic endeavour, performed by hand, requiring detailed knowledge of the rock, its secrets and its environment.


To our workshops

Less than 400 km away, our lava-working experts prepare it for its unique destiny, in a process that tests both patience and dexterity.

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And this queen is made to last !

Stone : a material that needs no fabrication, that stands out for being natural, totally at home in any responsible project. Our commitments go much further: responsible extraction, workshops committed to protecting water resources and using clean energy, protecting the Limagne fault etc.


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