the responsible stone


Responsible by nature

At Pyrolave, we believe the only authentic luxury is one that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Obvious when you think about it, since our raw material comes from the very bowels of the Earth.

Long before corporate social responsibility was a hot topic, Pyrolave’s environmental commitment was already in its DNA, and the way we’ve worked since our very first enamelling activities in Castelsarrasin proves it.

The whole team is proud to share the Pyrolave vision.

“We’ve dialled up our environmental responsibility to the max, limiting our impact and honouring the nature of our material: lava.”

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Treating quarries with respect

Lava is a real treasure. We protect it, and we protect its environment too, by operating our quarries in a sensible and sustainable way.

“Natural” extraction

No chemicals are used during extraction. It’s all done by hand or machine.

Following natural fault lines

We study the natural faults in the rock to optimise the blocks we extract.

Limiting quantities

Responsible, sensible quarrying. We take no more than 1000 tonnes of rock each year.

Restoring the site

We avoid visual pollution by restoring each quarry to its original state when extraction is over.



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At the heart of a protected area: Volvic

Like every precious jewel, lava needs a setting.

And in this case? A landscape formed by volcanic eruptions, crossed by the Volcans d’Auvergne National Park, the Limagne Fault, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Natura 2000 site and the Volvic aquifer.

In accordance with the laws that protect them, and in the true spirit of our craft, we make sure our work is almost invisible, out of respect for these unique surroundings.


French artisan production

Rare expertise is the essence of luxury. Our quarries in Volvic and our workshop in the South of France are the settings for our dazzling demonstrations of precision and technique.

A Living Heritage enterprise.

Only regional craftsmen of the highest excellence can receive the Patrimoine Vivant label coveted by all who employ rare, technically advanced skills. We proudly share this accolade with some incredible weavers, tanners, jewellers and cutlery makers, the beating hearts of their regions around the world.

400km at most

We’re fully in charge of the production process from start to finish: from quarrying in Volvic (Centre of France), through fabrication in our Tarn-et-Garonne workshops (South West region), to the finished product. It’s a tight production circuit, which makes sense.

Because our products are used in projects all around the world, we don’t like to talk of “local production”. Acting in a meaningful, transparent way? Yes. Greenwashing? No thanks!

End to end

Controlling every stage is the key to keeping standards high. We ourselves manage every stage, from quarrying the lava in Volvic through to the enamelling. We even provide our own transport.


Invested workshops

Solar panels

2.4 million kWh produced every year. More than we need.

Re-use of water

1500 m³ saved/month with our own high-performance wastewater recycling plant

Acting responsibly is more than just putting a few figures on your website. It’s a daily process, starting with the smallest details, which all make sense when you put them together: using wooden crates for packing, favouring transport by road or sea, sorting on site…

Protecting craftsmen

We’re proud to keep this fine craft going, and to move it forward as we go. What does that mean? Well, for example, looking after the health of our craftsmen, going beyond all the legal requirements. Our enamellers, for example, wear an exoskeleton to prevent risks and bring an unprecedented level of comfort to their work.

 A massive

120 tonnes

of CO2 avoided

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a natural material

Choosing a natural raw material has to be the bedrock of any responsible business.

Taken from nature

Carved out of the ground itself, rock is nature’s gift to us, no fancy tricks required !

Long service life

Strong and long-lasting, Pyrolave surfaces can last more than 100 years in settings such as hotels, restaurants and private homes.

LEED projects

Suitable for low environmental impact projects: HQE, LEED, BREEAM