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Lava’s just as much at home on the table, its enamels sparkling from bistros to dining rooms. Designers never tire of playing with the freedom of form it offers, with or without rims, with creations to be found in restaurants and reception areas bearing the signatures of the most renowned architects. While enamelled lava loves being on public display, you’ll also find it in private residential projects too: it gives the individual the chance to make a statement, an unexpected change from the traditional materials.


Your made-to-measure table

Why not welcome enamelled lava into your table design project? A characterful choice, giving architects and designers maximum freedom. Not just in terms of the enamel’s colour, but also the shapes and sizes that can be used. There’s plenty of room for the imagination to run riot, creating just the right ambiance for a restaurant, a bar, or a reception area.



Square tables, round tables, tables in any shape you like… With lava, anything’s possible, complete with a rim or enamelled edge. Some designers opt for a hammered effect finish, or even decide to leave the edges completely untouched, showcasing the grey lava itself in its simplest guise, creating a natural effect. Once your choices are made, Pyrolave lava will simply slot into your ultra-personalised décor, sweeping away all kinds of constraints: minimalist or maximalist, classic or unapologetically modern, 60s or 70s, Parisian brasserie style, a New York bar look, and many more. May the force of lava be with you!


For interior design, fittings and fixtures, particularly in the hospitality sector, enamelled lava shines through by virtue of its incomparable strength. Used particularly in kitchens as work surfaces or counters, it can also be used for making tables. So what can it withstand? Anything that would normally threaten to damage a table, particularly vinegar and acidic substances, but also heat, stains and chemicals.

Enamelled lava, being non-porous, is a dream to clean – a huge plus when it comes to hygiene in the catering industry, for instance.

Technical characteristics:

Thickness up to 20 or 30 mm depending on the top’s dimensions

Lengthup to 2400 mm

Widthup to 1300 mm

OptionStainless or brass rim, on request

Available colours:

The Pyrolave library of existing colours contains more than 6000 references. Aware that architects already have enough to do during the working day, we’ve created a core collection to help make choosing easier. Pastels, subdued, saturated or washed-out shades, natural or, conversely, neon colours… Anything’s possible to help the tables blend in our stand out against the other colours in your project.

Your custom colour:

Can you customise your colourway with Pyrolave? Yes, you can. What’s more, you can do so more accurately than with most other materials. Our master enamellers will embark on a quest to find the perfect ratio of pigments to create an enamel with exactly the shade you want, based on a simple sample or a code such as RAL or Pantone.

Enamelling your table:

Your tables will be enamelled by our craftsmen in our workshops in the South of France. Each of the 12 stages in our unique process is completed in accordance with best industry practice. Total mastery by our craftsmen that still leaves room for the unpredictability of nature, expressed in crazing on the enamel’s surface that is unique to each piece, and little features on each table that bear witness to its authenticity and style. The rare luxury of carefully managed irregularity -– a far cry from the soulless product of industry.

How long will it take us to create your enamelled table?

Once you’ve placed your order, allow between 2 and 4 months to receive your tables. They will be shipped by us, using our own transport according to delivery address. We will, of course, have packaged them carefully, in wooden crates.

Share your plans with us

Do you already have the plans for your tables or other furniture? Share your ideas with us, and a receive an initial estimate of the cost and delivery times. Our experts can also help you with the design, and will share all the secrets of enamelled lava with you.