Your custom colour.


Your exact colour

With our enamelling, you can order the exact colour you have in mind for your project. The possibilities are simply endless, and everything is produced using only natural enamels.


Base it on whatever you like Let's customise

Do you want an exact match for the drapery in the room? Or to incorporate your brand’s signature green into the enamel?

Send us a piece of cloth, paper, some other material – or the RAL or Pantone reference numbers – and our master enamellers will embark on their process of matching it.

Challenge Accepted

058_British Land_100 LPS_UDS Interiors_EC2A_01-21_© Charles Hosea

Unrivalled precision of shade

When it comes to getting colours exactly right, enamelled lava comes out on top. Much more accurate than ceramics, for example. It’s all in the firing! Because lava is fired at 1000°C (compared with 1200°C for ceramics), pigments are better protected, giving many more colour possibilities.

« Our cyan blue came back exactly the same

as the starting reference. We couldn't believe it.»

John B, Design & You

How do our master colourists do it ?

You have to find the perfect ratio of mineral powders. We take however long it takes, because one thing we do know: we always end up with the colour the customer wants. It’s all a question of patience in our meticulous search. Fortunately, testing and refinement isn’t just down to luck; our library of more than 6000 reference items keeps us ahead of the game…

Your recipe : treasured away

Once finalised, your colour mix is never lost. It goes away with our thousands of enamelled lava tiles on the workshop wall, with their exact mixing ratios. Even if you come back to us 10 years later, your formula will be there waiting for you, along with its colour control sample, ready to be used once again.

Recover your colourway whenever you want

Whatever the colour, make the most of the enamelled lava signature

Group 198

Unique variations

Grain effects, non-uniformities, slight dots or marks, dimples etc.: your creation may also come with some unexpected signs of the craftsman’s expertise “on the side”.

These all prove the distinctly unique stages that go into its creation, juggling the unpredictable elements of fire, air and natural enamels.