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Enamelled lava loves water! In spas, wet rooms or beauty treatment areas,
designers love to harness its unique signature and bring their ideas to life. A
simple vanity top or integrated counter and washbasin in enamelled lava,
shower compartment tiling, bathtub surfaces… its unique shine glides easily
over walls and furnishings, even the little details such as towel rails or coat
hooks. From the secrecy of a private, confidential project, to the grandest scale
for a palace: every whim is catered for.


Unlimited basin and tile shapes

A unique splashback, a small slender shelf, or a massive vanity top with integral washbasin… anything’s possible. As we study each project, we can offer you tailored solutions for bathrooms and shower areas. Enamelled lava can be used in all fields: from the hotel industry to professional spaces, private dwellings, indoor and outdoor areas alike, and even in luxury boutiques, in the world of cosmetics, for example…

How long will it take us to make your enamelled creation?

We do not use industrial methods, so as a result our lead times are more like those in the arts and crafts: from 2 to 4 months of production on average, with a result that richly rewards such patience, to judge by the interior decorators who choose Pyrolave.

Items are shipped by us ourselves to the project location according to delivery address, completing our unbroken support from A to Z.

Share your plans with us. Here’s how:

Our team is available to support you from the very earliest stage in designing your basins, surfaces, tiles or splashbacks, and will share will you all the specific details about this material. A material that makes anything possible, bearing in mind your specifications on size, assembly and installation. An initial estimate can be put together very quickly, to help you choose a partner.


Technical characteristics:

Length up to 2400 mm
Width up to 1300 mm
Thickness 30 to 100 mm

Strength: Stains, fire, heat, water, frost

It comes as no surprise that enamelled basins and surfaces enjoy such a good reputation among architects and interior designers when it comes to fitting out and personalising a bathroom. Because in this room that’s used every day, with activities involving not just water but also cosmetics that can stain toilet accessories and could quickly damage less resilient surfaces, lava’s ability to withstand any test is simply unparalleled.

Easy cleaning:

When cleaning is an everyday task, as is the case in a bathroom, you want it to be easy! Pyrolave is excessively easy to clean, saving cleaning teams precious time, particularly in the hospitality trade and hotel industry.

Available colours:

With more than 6000 colour references, there’s no need to rein in your desires and opportunities when designing. Pyrolave is often primarily chosen by people who love colour and are won over by the elegance of the unique tones on offer and the way it shines in a project, along with the diversity of finishes, layouts and details possible.

Your custom colour:

Do you already have a shade in mind for your bathroom? Enamelled lava allows you to capture it with unaccustomed accuracy. Simply provide us with a colour reference or on object to work from, be it a piece of cloth, a paint sample or an accessory, and our master enamellers will find the exact mix of enamels to replicate the colour. Lava in your bar, restaurant or hotel’s colours!

The enamelling of your basins and tiles:

At the heart of the project is lava, worked and cut to measure. On the surface, the signature enamelling applied by our own craftsmen. Only a few people have mastered this process, with its extraordinary technical demands, requiring more than 10 steps. This complex craftsmanship leaves behind a number of characteristic signs, such as the famous crazing, the gently nuanced shades on the edges, and the unpredictable details that make each piece so unique.