Pyrolave is a registered trademark of Groupe Pierredeplan


24 colours at the heart of all trends

Pyrolave began by developing the fashionable collection of glossy colours suitable for the high-end interior design market.

Indeed, the brilliance of these glossy colours frees the intensity and reveals a delicate crazing on the enamel surface, enriching it with subtle and unique reflections.

New ideas followed and the collection continued to grow. Exclusive creations such as satin, matt or structured effects, leather-look & metallic highlights. These additions have harmonised the spectrum of styles and trends and to enable interior designers to give their imagination full rein in their search for exclusive creations.

“Core Collection”

Over the years, some colors have become references or must-haves, eventually creating the Pyrolave “Core Collection”. This range of 24 colours offers a diverse eclectic mix of colors capable of enhancing any architectural design.


Unlimited possibilities of colours

Colour choice is something personal. Colour has an evocative power, recalling memories and reviving emotions. The Pyrolave enamelling process gives the opportunity to reinvent the colours of your memories, we just need a reference to work with- RAL, Pantone or any physical object!

Our experts experiment with the enamels until the colour is perfected. A sample is sent to validate the color before production and a piece of each unique shade is preciously kept in our factory library so that it can be reproduced in the future.