Enamelled lava is a stone of freedom all the way to colours, with infinite possibilities. Choose yours among our existing palette or call upon the dexterity of our craftsmen to find just the one you have in mind.

Our collections

Signature colours: a selection of 24 luxurious hues chosen among those who made our enamelled lava famous.

In the air: Last year, our colourists set themselves an additional challenge: scouring the globe to find the colours that would mark today and tomorrow. We now have 5 new exquisite colours, ready to conquer the world.

The bold: 5 new hues, audaciously ignoring tradition and shaking the status quo. Neither shy nor tame but rather intrepid. Heroic, dare we say.


Unlimited possibilities of colours

Colour choice is something personal. Colour has an evocative power, recalling memories and reviving emotions. The Pyrolave enamelling process gives the opportunity to reinvent the colours of your memories, we just need a reference to work with- RAL, Pantone or any physical object!

Our experts experiment with the enamels until the colour is perfected. A sample is sent to validate the color before production and a piece of each unique shade is preciously kept in our factory library so that it can be reproduced in the future.