A unique and outstanding character

11,000 years ago the Nugere crater erupted in the Regional Nature Park of the Volcanos of Auvergne, where the Volvic lava used by Pyrolave is extracted.

The lava stone carries in itself all the power of nature. It was born from the primordial magma, rising from the incandescent depths of the Earth and turning into a stone after being petrified by the wind.
The lava’s genesis was influenced by the three elements of earth, wind and fire, which confers a unique and outstanding temperament to the Volvic lava: both dense and homogeneous, it is frost-resistant and provides uncompromising resistance. In the land of Volcanos, it is called “the eternal stone”.

Since Romanic times, lava stone’s excellent styling and durability have made it a material of choice for public, private or religious architecture: civil and military buildings, churches and cathedrals, fountains and benches, commemoratives or funerary monuments, ornamentation or art sculpture… Numerous buildings built in lava stone in the 12th and 13th centuries are intact today and thus testify the durability of this material, on the contrary to other stones which are affected by pollution for example.


Incomparable “warm” shades of grey

Pyrolave offer natural lava stone tiles suitable for walls and floor cladding, both internally and externally.

Volvic lava stones warm shades of grey are not comparable with other lava stone and basalt from other parts of the world which enhances the unique signature of this material.

The stone is cut to order so dimensions can be made-to-measure. Sizes range from 150 x 150mm to 1200 x 600mm. Tile thickness varies according to where and how the tiles are to be used- 10mm -50mm.

We offer a wide range of finishes from a fine polish through to a rough brush hammer.
Pyrolave is a 100% natural solution, with the potential to add an intriguing, exciting material to your projects.