Floor & Facade cladding

Extreme performances for timeless projects

Pyrolave enameled lava is ideal for any outdoor exposure. It combines the inherent resistance of the natural stone with the unique aesthetic of enamel.

The glazed lava is resistant to extreme temperatures and impervious to rain. It is unaffected by acid or UV rays, making it an excellent choice for stone-facing to cover outdoor floors or facades. Besides, the infinite choice of colour gives the opportunity to customise, for example, any facade with the colours of a specific brand or sign.

Pyrolave serves designers and architects in their conception of places, where colors bring walls back to life.


For use as a façade, Pyrolave is available in large rectangular panels (measuring up to 1 m2) as well as many other options.
For cladding and facades all panels are made to measure and suitable for use with a wide range of fixing systems. We have various projects around the world exampling Pyrolaves unrivalled ability to rejuvenate tired or less attractive buildings and also enhance exciting modern new builds.

The brightness and vividness of colour enables an opportunity to create unique facades that restore life in urban spaces that may be tired and need of something fresh.