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Environmental policy

The PIERREDEPLAN GROUP has specialised for over 30 years in manufacturing worktops in mineral material (enamelled lava, quartz, ceramics) and wood.

We have always taken action to ensure a policy of excellence:
• Qualified and performing staff
• Constantly evolving production unit: cutting-edge production equipment
• Structured internal processes: management, Works Council (CE), Hygiene Safety Working Conditions Committees (CHSCT)
• A full service dedicated to customer satisfaction (Quote, Engineering Office (BE), Sales Administration (ADV), measuring process, deliveries and installation)
• Zero defects program
• Zero accident program: substantial material investments to improve production staff security
• The SERENITE guarantee offered to the final consumer

In this context, I decided to implement an Environmental Management System to extend the policy of excellence to the environmental results. We achieved certification in May 2014 according to the ISO 14001 :2004 standard, which covers the whole activity of the company at Castelsarrasin.

By this I am committed to ensuring the company does its utmost to:
• Prevent pollution
• Respect the applicable regulations as well as third party requirements
• Continuously improve its environmental performances

The objectives I have set are:
• To enhance the site’s cleanness, storage and general aspects
• To better control and reduce our energy consumption and water use
• To strengthen the control of environmental emergency situations

I entrust the Environment Manager, assisted by the firm environmental representatives, to implement this approach. I also ask each employee of the company to sign up to this environmental policy and be actively involved in it.

Done at Castelsarrasin, the 17 March 2015