Each Pyrolave project is totally unique and always exclusive.

To serve this material’s remarkable destiny, Pyrolave has developed a made-to-measure manufacturing process in order to personalize each and every project, making each piece we manufacture unique.

Research on specific colours; cuttings (radius corners, curved cutting, cutting mitres); special cut-outs to allow various sink and hotplates assembly methods (unfinished cut-outs, finished cut-outs with fixing holes under, cut-out with a rebate for a flush fitting appliance); matching wall-cladding and upstands; massive carved vanity tops and shower trays; tiles for wall and floor coverings … The possibilities are endless!

At Pyrolave, our teams’ expertise aim to serve your imagination and bring the most ambitious projects to within reach. Nothing is left to chance and we consider attention to detail as paramount.


Many solutions for every style

Pyrolave offer a wide range of edge profiles allowing us to adapt to all styles, contemporary or classic: square edge, quarter round, half-round, birds’ beak, inverted chamfer… Pyrolave technical expertise enables complete flexibility and customisation of finishes.

The edge profiles are cut by CNC machines but they are then hand-finished to achieve all the delicate characteristics. During the firing cycle, the enamel becomes liquid and flows gently over the edge creating more or less colour shades, depending on the colour, and reveals a darker finishing line that is an inherent characteristic of glazing.


From massive lava blocks, everything is possible

Thanks to technological developments combined with our historic expertise and desire to continually offer something new, the boundaries of what can be achieved with lava are limitless. We offer Lava thickness from 10mm to more than 200 mm.
Using CNC cutting machines we can create incredible statement pieces such a massive vanity tops, bespoke basins and counter tops with integrated sinks. All cut from a solid block of lava stone.